2022 statement under Modern Slavery Act 2015 of IH International Advisors Ltd

This statement constitutes the slavery and human trafficking statement for IH International Advisors Ltd for the financial year ending 31st December 2023, as required by section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

IH International Advisors Ltd (“IHIA Ltd”) is an investment advisory company. The goal of IHIA Ltd is to create long-term value through private investments. The cornerstones of IHIA Ltd’s operations is the investment advice (including but not limited to formulation of strategy, recommendation of specific investment opportunities and monitoring the investments performance) to IFM, an alternative investment manager in Luxembourg for regulated Investment Funds that invest in private assets globally.

During 2023 IHIA Ltd is expected to have had an average of 17 direct employees.

IHIA Ltd conducts its activities in accordance with the Interogo Holding Code of Conduct which sets out the standards it expects from all those involved in its activities, including prohibiting forced labour, providing a safe and healthy working environment, prohibiting all forms of harassment and discrimination, and generally acting in an ethical, honest, fair and respectful manner.

The Interogo Holding Code of Conduct was updated during 2023 and all IHIA Ltd employees have received the updated Code of Conduct and will review its contents and agreeto adhere to it during 2023 as part of the annual declaration for the IHIA Ltd Code of Professional Conduct and Compliance Manual. IHIA Ltd’s consultants are contractually obliged to comply with the Interogo Holding Code of Conduct and new employees are also required to sign an annual declaration of acceptance and adherence.

This statement was approved by the IHIA Ltd Board of Directors on 30 March 2023.